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Organic Apple Pie Spice

Organic Apple Pie Spice


Our Apple Pie Spice seasoning blend has an ethereal aroma. It is light and airy thanks to the citrus perfume of ginger and cardamom, and pulled back to earth by the woodsy depth of cinnamon. Sweet and warm flavors build on top of cinnamon’s comforting foundation. This blend develops a gorgeous interplay between the nut-and-clove depth of nutmeg, the bittersweet pepper of allspice, and cardamom’s pine and eucalyptus essence. Flashes of ginger come through right at first, but ginger is patient, and it waits for the other flavors to fade before emerging to deliver a final, charming little burn that lingers on the palate.


Apple Pie Spice is blended with korintje cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, ginger root and cardamom.


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