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Org. Lemon Pepper

Org. Lemon Pepper


Our Organic Lemon Pepper has a peppery, lemon flavor with a nice herbal flavor behind it.


It is hand-blended from organic black pepper, organic minced onion, organic lemon, organic thyme and organic coriander.

You can use this lemon pepper as a seasoning for meats, seafood, and tofu, but it can also be added to leafy greens for a kick of flavor. This is excellent on fresh salads in the summertime.

The fresh flavor of the lemon compliments a lot of grilled foods quite well. If you love grilling season, you'll surely want this seasoning blend in your spice cabinet. We enjoy putting it on haddock or cod especially, as white fish hold flavors like this well and lemon always tastes good with a white fish.

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