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Org. Celery Salt

Org. Celery Salt


o make the flavors of meats and vegetables sing, add some celery salt to the mix and let this blend of time-honored seasonings do the heavy lifting for you. Combining celery seed and sea salt, our Celery Salt delivers the grassy, vegetal, pleasing bitterness of celery with the flavor-enhancing power of salt. This seasoning salt is made from sea salt and celery seed. It is ground and hand-blended in our facility in small batches, which helps us guarantee that we send out the freshest product possible.


Celery Salt is ubiquitous around the rim of a Bloody Mary, and that’s because it loves tomato. Sprinkle some across freshly-sliced tomato on a thick, crusty bread for a simple but delicious open-faced summer sandwich. Use it to draw out the flavors in delicate foods, like crab cakes or lobster rolls. It goes beautifully in potato and macaroni salad, and adds a salty-herbaceous kick to freshly buttered corn on the cob. Toss over diced potatoes and bake.

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