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Garlic Salt


A popular all-around seasoning salt, our Garlic Salt is hand-blended from just two all-natural ingredients—salt and garlic. 


Garlic Salt is the perfect seasoning blend for all things beef. Try it on roasts, in hamburger meat, in chili, mixed in with beef enchilada filling, or in the meat layered into lasagna. Use it as a flavor base for a dry rub for brisket. It works wonderfully with hearty foods, so use on pork roast or mutton. It’s great with starchy vegetables like potatoes, so add some to mashed potatoes, wedges, or hash browns. Mix into a compound butter for your corn on the cob, and if it’s snack time, stir your favorite herbs and a tablespoon of garlic salt into an 8oz container of sour cream for a quick and easy chip dip.


This blend is made of sea salt and garlic.

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