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Flippin The Bird

Flippin The Bird


Flippin’ the Bird is earthy, with herby and slightly bitter notes, an underlying sweetness, and a very mild back-of-the-throat heat.


Salt-free Flippin’ the Bird seasoning is suitable for all sorts of chicken. Some of our customers prefer to use it on roasts, and some on grilled or fried chicken. It’s a low-heat blend, so it’s family-friendly; bake some chicken wings that the kids and the grandparents can enjoy! Use as a dry rub on pork tenderloin. This is great on roasted vegetables—try it on sweet root vegetables, like carrots or parsnips, or make a celery root gratin. Mix with tahini sauce and lemon for a dip for vegetables, or thin that out and enjoy a vibrant, rich salad dressing.


Ingredients:  Paprika, onion, lemon, honey, sage, marjoram, ancho, black pepper, pasilla, celery, garlic, and cumin

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