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Chipotle Morita Powder

Chipotle Morita Powder


Chipotle Morita Powder, Capsicum annum, is also called dried chipotle powder, chipotle powder, or smoked chipotle powder. When dried and smoked in Mexico, the jalapeno chile is called chile chipotle.


Flame-red and wrapped in pungent spiciness, our Chipotle Morita Chile Powder delivers smoky heat and a ton of flavor to the kitchen.


Chipotle peppers are made from jalapeño peppers, left on the plant to ripen to a deep ruby red. They are picked at their height of ripeness, when they are sweetest, and smoked over fragrant wood, turning them into a deep red that looks black.


The smoke infuses every bit of the pepper with woodsy depth and condenses the flavors as the pepper dries. Chipotles are removed from the smoke while they still have a bit of moisture and are a little bit leathery but retain their fruity characteristics.

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