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Changoi Lion's Mane Black Tea - Loose

Changoi Lion's Mane Black Tea - Loose

1 Ounce

Exceedingly full character tending malt with exotic African profile. So thick you want to eat it with a spoon. Comprised of the finest siftings of tea making for a brisk cup of tea.  Due to the fineness of the tea it steeps quicker than regular tea.  See below for instructions.


Ingredients: Black tea


Tea(s) From: Kenya

Region(s): Kericho

Antioxidant Level: Very High 

Caffeine Content: Medium


1 oz makes 5-7 cups of tea depending on personal preference. 


Steeping Instructions

Put 1 slightly heaping teaspoon of loose tea for each 7-9 oz/200-260 ml of water in the teapot. Briefly infuse with freshly boiled water and then pour off. Re-infuse the tea and pour after about 1 minute or longer to taste.

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